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New favorite store: Decathlon

During swimming lessons, I envied my friend Emi’s goggles because the whole eye rim rests comfortably on the bones around the eyes and the eyes can move (blink) comfortably while swimming. When I asked her what brand and where did she buy it, she said, “It’s just Decathlon” (in Singapore). I don’t even know what…… Continue reading New favorite store: Decathlon

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Of Single shaming, Guilt Tripping, and Travelling

About a few months ago, a mom friend of mine volunteered me into an activity committee because I’m single and apparently she thinks I’ve got all the time in my hands. Same friend who quipped “don’t tease Kea into getting married, look how fun her life is”, during another event. I don’t know how she…… Continue reading Of Single shaming, Guilt Tripping, and Travelling