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#SEOULdout: Itinerary and the Travel Hacks

For my birthday, my sister and I planned to go to Seoul, South Korea. It was just the two of us first, initially, but then we blew up to a group of six. Which is good in a way, because we had a good time doing activities as  a group. Now much has been blogged…… Continue reading #SEOULdout: Itinerary and the Travel Hacks

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Make up shopping strategies in Seoul, Korea

I came to Korea with fair warning of shopping tips and information. I came with a shopping list and personal rules when shopping in Korea such as the following: It must be something that I know I will really use. It must fit the (my) budget (KW5,000 = Php500 conversion) I can order it online for…… Continue reading Make up shopping strategies in Seoul, Korea

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New favorite store: Decathlon

During swimming lessons, I envied my friend Emi’s goggles because the whole eye rim rests comfortably on the bones around the eyes and the eyes can move (blink) comfortably while swimming. When I asked her what brand and where did she buy it, she said, “It’s just Decathlon” (in Singapore). I don’t even know what…… Continue reading New favorite store: Decathlon

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The DIY, Easy Peasy, Homemade Ice Cream

Over the weekend, I finally found time and opportunity to create what I’ve been googling lately: How to make homemade ice cream without ice cream maker. Ingredients: Two ripe bananas 2 thin slices of chocolate cake (Without icing, you can use brownies if you like) Instructions: Cut the bananas into thin slices and put them…… Continue reading The DIY, Easy Peasy, Homemade Ice Cream