I made this blog mainly to chronicle my adventures in “Adulting“, hence the Wing Now, Write Later blog name. I tend to live and figure it out as it happens and then decide to just write about it later.


I move and bend in phases, so I think I am a different person each year. However, here are ten things about me that remained the same :

  • Writing is my therapy.
  • I will always be obsessed in love with anything chocolate.
  • I gravitate towards books, unlined journals, black pens, papers, planners, brushes, colorful marker sets/ paint palettes, and make up.
  • I love meeting, learning, from passionate people.
  • I take calculated risks in life.
  • I have a resting bitch face, but polite by default.
  • I am vulnerable when bored.
  • Peace of mind will always be non-negotiable for me.
  • I’m concerned about my spirituality, belive in God (Universe), and vision boards.
  • My dream is to write a book, so right now I just like to blog. My first one is in the late multiply site (Get KEA’d away from 2004-2009 that I managed to back up some of it HERE) and the second one was in blogspot (KEAmistry, 2010-2015, that I recently backed up HERE).

Welcome to my third blog home in this already congested virtual space.