About Kea

I’m Kea (Kei-yeah).

That’s the second name-turned-nickname that I made for myself when I was in second grade. Almost everyone calls me by it, and when my actual family members do, it feels weird. Like they were mocking me right in my ear. I don’t know why.

I have been looking for a legit, not sponsored personal blog about adulting that I am hoping to learn from but to no avail. So I decided that I’m just going to chronicle my adulting stories that hopefully could contribute to the next me: Someone who survived their twenties and is absolutely clueless about this new age bracket.

Wing Now, Write Later means I tend to live and figure it out as it happens  then contemplate decide to just write about it later.



Trang An, Ning Binh, Viet Nam, 02.10.18

This blog is written in my thirties and hopefully would serve as my personal time capsule of my struggles and victories. Sometimes I like backreading my archive, marveling at how things have worked themselves out so I decided to go back to what soothes my soul: Writing.




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