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The Lion King Musical in Manila

Since we were not able to catch The Lion King in Covent Garden, London last 2015, we made sure to catch it in Manila where its waaay cheaper and scheduled it on my sister’s birthday! We got our tickets during the pre-selling last October 2017 and used up our globe points to get discounts on the tickets. Weekend rates are about 200 more expensive than the weekday ones, and since we used globe points, we must have saved about almost 500 on each ticket. Ticket net also honors senior citizen discounts so if you have senior citizens watching, better avail the discount!

My mom and Aunt, although they went with us to the theatre place, did not watch because they already watched it in London. Best part? It was a treat from their London-based friend!

As usual, there’s limited photos since photos are not allowed during the show. We got the 2:30PM show on a Sunday and the show ended at 5pm with a 15minute break in between.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you are planning to watch the show, you may want to think twice if you’re going to read the rest of the entry.


We have better seats compared to the last time we watched here during the Wicked Musical in Manila. But still, as you can see, it is still far from the stage. But nevertheless, I enjoyed it because I can enjoy the production and some Behind-The-Scenes commands on the sides.


My aunt hinted about a WATER situation when they watched it in UK, so I was on the look out for that water scene. There was none, but I know have an idea where that water scene is in UK. Since the Lion King has its own theatre house in London, they must’ve been really all out with the props as my mother even swore that they have an actual live elephant  coming on the stage.

In the Manila tour, they have these awesome props and set designs, but they probably flew in more people than props so maybe they crimped on some stuff.

My sister noticed that there’s no live orchestra, leading to the thought that the music might be pre-recorded. When we watched Wicked, we can see the live orchestra playing and my mother said they have live orchestra in London. The best performer here is actually the one who represents the monkey.

Honestly, I prefer WICKED over The Lion King. But it was a good experience. I enjoyed listening and mouthing the words to songs that reminded me of my childhood, Circle of Life, I just can’t wait to be King, Be prepared, Can you feel the love tonight and of course Hakuna Matata!  So it means, we will still have to check this off the list when we go to back to London. I’m crossing my fingers for this one.

I’m really praying that the Phantom of the Opera would come back to Manila. Because if they do I will really save up and pay for VIP seats as it is my favorite Broadway show. I already fell in love with the movie back in 2004, how much more if I see it in Broadway.


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