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To cork or not to cork?

If my memory serves me right from the last time I saw it, there is an almost 8 year old tampon sitting in the drawer which my colleague gave me back in 2010. I never got around to use it nor even try because 1) I’m squirmish about putting something in; and 2) I read back in high school from one of the teenage magazines that this teen in the US went swimming while wearing the tampon and the string got lost she had to go to the hospital to have it taken out. I used to call it Tampax, which happened to be a brand and later on learned that it is actually called a Tampon.

I have friends who uses tampons for swimming purposes. I’ve seen photos of the long ones and the short ones and can never distinguish the two. So when my sister came home one time from a swimming trip, she said she  used a tampon to enjoy swimming. I used to use being on my period to avoid swimming but with the presence of the tampon, now I have no excuse.


This time, on my period, I decided to test it out. First I googled how to use it. I mean I know where to put it, but I don’t know how to position my self into doing it.

How does it work? It’s like a cork, absorbing, except you’re not supposed to leave the tip out and really push it in. The only thing you should make sure is the string to be hanging so you can pull it out when you change tampons.

The first time I tried it, I inserted it correctly, panicked and took it out. Blood every where. Then I tried again the second time around and successfully left it in. It felt really comfortable like there’s nothing in. They said you have to change it after 4 hours. I used the one from the Kotex brand, available in the Philippines, and comes with an applicator (now I know why it’s long).  I think I prefer the one without the applicator (the small, bullet-like ones).

I know it’s not usual in the Philippines to wear tampons. I did not wear one the next day, I figured, I would just use it when I’m swimming because I keep thinking about it while it’s in there. Plus I still have to use a liner for the string because it drips on the string even if it’s absorbent.

Maybe it’s going to take a lot getting used to, I’d probably try it on my next one. But right now, I prefer being on the pad as it is low maintenance for me.



2 thoughts on “To cork or not to cork?

  1. I like tampons more if only they’re cheaper. I feel fresher when using them. No sticky feeling. I get rashes kasi when on pads. Since tampons are hard to find and pricier, yeah same, I only use it when I have my period during outings =)) Anyway, have you heard of menstrual cups?


    1. Yes, the Sinaya cup. But I think I’m going to have a really hard time using it. I’ve seen tutorial and stuff and I think I would be even three times as conscious and anxious compared to using tampons. And also, for budget reasons, I will just stick to the pad and just have the extra tampons at home on standby.


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