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The Monday Grace I don’t have the right to brag about

I just spent the last four days of the holy week in the Philippines just indulging in ME Time. I binge watched my old favorite series (Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family) as well binge watched You Tube Make Up Tutorials (only @PATRICKSTARRR, because he is so funny and the only one I can stand.) I think it’s one of the nicest Holy Week I’ve had because I had minimal human interaction.

I hardly have any Manic Mondays, or I Hate Mondays post, but to be honest, I’ve been feeling a little burned out for the past few weeks. I am pretty sure part of it still has some remnants from last year, and irked by some pettiness.

I don’t want to get into some details about it but sometimes I wonder why was I assigned the HARDEST to mobilize segment assignment? Yes, I do have some selected in-case-of-emergency-people skills, but it’s something that I need to psych myself.

I have to literally be a talent manager and look for foreign student participants willing to do pro-bono by appearing in a university video shoot. I’m grateful for the help my other colleagues have given me, but honestly I really don’t know why I was assigned the lead (of the hardest segment).

I was blabbering to my sister that day about some negative thoughts. I was stressed about the whole mobilizing thing because I couldn’t take a proper vacay as I was keeping tabs on my social media because some talent casts were only replying through Facebook. It came to the point that every day, some talents were backing out one by one until to the point that I literally dreamed about it.

So when Monday came, I just decided to let go knowing that I really tried my best. Honestly, since 2016, I’ve been emotionally unattached to some… things. So if it won’t go the way we would have wished it to be at least I can say that I really did try my best. I will not get emotional about it.

When 8 foreign and 2 Filipino students showed up, I was really relieved. My three main characters with the most lines also showed up so I was really grateful.  Majority seemed okay since the only thing that I was deeply concerned about is the showing up of students. Because imagine, I would be taking some of their time when they could still be enjoying the slow Monday from last week’s holiday.

We were down to the  last few people to shoot when the video director told me that the specific cast was not the one she asked. So imagine the horror on my face when I heard that from her, that there was a misunderstanding about the cast numbers between her and my actual boss, and that they cannot assign the scheduled shoot for a different day anymore. I mentally panicked for a minute, then with remaining 9% of my mobile phone battery, I searched for my online archives and got the number of the cast that she wanted.

What if she’s not available? She was not informed at all prior to this. Does she even live within the vicinity? How fast can we get her? Is she still on vacation? I searched for her number and called her and she was not picking up. Finally I caught her on Facebook messenger and finally took my call.

“Yes Maam, I’m available today.”

That was music to my ears! I don’t know how God arranged itself that day, but I called few minutes before 12noon, asked her to get ready in 30 minutes for I will have someone pick her up, and within an hour she is  in our location.

She doesn’t even live in the community and only staying at an apartment. It just so happen that yesterday she had an easter-related church activity that led her going to the university a day early.

I was at awe at how it was solved for me. It was God’s Grace. Maybe because even though he knows I’ve been throwing some mental tantrums about some… things, He knows I would still do my job. And He knows that I hate paying when it’s not to my own fault, so he arranged everything to help me. That was the best help that I got that day, and it was all because of God’s Grace.

15hours work

We worked for a total of 15 hours on a Monday, and was given permission to offset it for tomorrow. I’m really glad my segment is over, we just need to shoot one more segment (not led by me) and then start the post-production.

Thank You God. Once again, you’ve never forsaken me.


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