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How to fix dried up mascara

If there’s one thing I inevitably hoard about make up, besides dual purpose eyebrow pencils, it’s mascaras. The more volume, the more length, the more it is black/dark and waterproof, the better. I need it to be waterproof because my face is oily and I do cardio exercises almost every afternoon (swim or brisk walk/run) and I do not take off my mascara when I do that.


My mother gave me this Clinique chubby mascara last January and although it isn’t waterproof, I used it every day. I love that it’s tiny and easily slips into my make up bag. I’ve been using it almost every day and even though I know mascaras usually is good for 2-3 months, I want to maximize it up to 3 months.

But when I started seeing that it’s starting to build up around the edges, and after having used it for 2 months, I know it’s near replacement. I researched how to revive your dried up mascara and here’s the easiest way to do it:

What you will need:

  • Your dried up mascara
  • Contact lens solution /Eye solution


  • Add a few (2-3) drops of contacts/eye solution in the mascara tube.
  • Do not pump the wand as it will bring more air inside the tube.
  • Roll it like as if you’re mixing it.
  • And voila! You can now use your mascara.

A little side note though, depending on how much product you have left, don’t expect it to perform like it’s brand new.


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