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Solo Sunday

I tagged along my sister’s trip to the city on a Sunday. I used to live in Makati City for 6 years before moving out in 2010. I honestly miss it. I miss the anonymity and the options. True, the suburbs did wonders for my soul, but what I miss most about the city is when I was really my self, so comfortable that I even go on a solo date with myself. Believe it or not, while yes, I would want to have a special someone to spend the rest of my life with  someday, but what I miss most of the city is when I used to live independently and have the weekends all to my self.

Yes. I’m not the type who cannot eat alone or watch a movie alone. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a movie alone, the last time was back in 2013 on my 30th birthday. I watched Frozen together with seven other people only to find out that it was not supposed to be shown yet, so I accidentally watched it way early than the rest of the general public.

So yesterday, as it has been a while, I booked a ticket for one to watch “A Wrinkle in Time”. It was an okay movie, but I found myself tearing up on some parts, maybe because I can relate to some of the lines. Or maybe I am going through something inexplicable at the moment. But I enjoyed watching alone.

I strolled along the mall right after and bought a couple of make up on sale. Then I went on and walked to the places where I usually hung out, like the bar where I celebrated my 21st birthday, the Starbucks cafe where I usually meet up my girlfriends from college, the Cafe Breton where I shared a breakfast with a good friend and smoked til noon and spent the rest of the day just talking about life, the place where ICE bar used to be where we went on a Wednesday night as a send off to a roommate,  The sports bar where we had dinner with my high school friends, the old location of power books Live where they hold poetry reading and book signing, and the old spot where I used to  hang out buying all my expensive self-help books to navigate my young adult years. Good times indeed and I find myself lighting up at the thought of those wonderful memories.

Then after strolling for hours, I got tired and decided to have dinner by myself.


Yes, I do enjoy the city but I also get sick and tired of it after a full day. Or maybe I’m just getting old. The city’s been crowded. It was nice to just check in and see how everything goes.

We got home at past 9 in the evening, and thankful for a Sunday well spent.



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