Tête-à-tête · Wri-therapy

It need not to be mutual

My Dear

Never in a million years you would expect yourself to be writing these with him in your thoughts

You’ve been in denial for a while now

Fighting off feelings

Feeling like you’ve been betrayed by your own self

After swearing you would never fall for him in a million years

And now,

After much pondering

You think you have fallen for him


Like it was something irrevocable, irreversible

You could be standing in the rain while he rests in his sleep

He still won’t know a thing

That your heart beats for him

That his words have kept you up all night

And that he magically, and randomly appears in your dream

You can love this most imperfect person

You never knew you could, but now you do

You hate his nature of always wanting to be right

But these silly mental sword fights just turns you on

And how it takes all your energy just to keeps your hands off him

Like one time when in your mind, you feel like you wanted to give him a hug

And felt how much you wanted to just love him

You just want to take care of him

You want to listen to stories of how his day went

And how you look forward just being with him

Now every single fucking song seems to be about him

And you miss him, you know you do

But as they said, it takes two to tango

It sure feels like your own solo recital

But darling

Do not be deceived by your own thoughts, your own wishful thinking

For how long are you going to keep this from him?

Can you possibly see a future despite his pessimism and negativity?

I know you can endure all his painful past and current circumstances because love makes all things possible

But can you be assured that both of you are in this together?

Can you guarantee yourself his loyalty to fight for this relationship?

You know

It is possible to just love him from a safe distance

It need not be mutual

You need not know if its mutual

Because what can you do?

So darling take a breather and let go

Just let it.


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