#SEOULdout: Winter at Hangang River Park, Autumn at Ehwa Womans University

I’ve always been curious about snow. When I finally saw and experienced one, it turned out to be barely visible snowflakes and a bunch of them remind of me of a Korean Bingsu. On our third day, we planned to go biking at the Hangang River Park and have a photo with the I SEOUL U sign, but it was too cold so just a quick photo op will do.

Seoul Korea 2017 Seoul Korea 2017
Seoul Korea 2017 Seoul Korea 2017

The park was almost empty with the rememnants of snow from last night. Actually, we had our first taste of snow when we visited Gyeongbukgong Palace but it melted before it even reached the ground.

After just an hour or in Hangang Park, we went to Ehwa University where we found remnants of Autumn/ Fall.

Seoul Korea 2017 Seoul Korea 2017Seoul Korea 2017
Seoul Korea 2017

And that’s the photo of us trying to get to the other part of Hongdae where we will go visist the Love Museum and watch the Cooking Nanta Musical.

I really love the Hongdae Vibe. Maybe because it’s a University Town and I live in a University town in the Philippines. This is also where we bought our Missha haul and other make up purchases that I wrote here.

I think I want to stay in this area when we get back. The place and food is cheaper, but place where we stayed has really good access to the really good stuff that it’s just so easy to go back and forth.




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