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#SEOULdout: Our Free day spent in Jamsil

After hearing mass at the Myeongdong Cathedral, Sunday was our free day where we all went to do our own thing.

It’s our second to the last day in Seoul and this time we, my sister Apy and friend Kat, visited our friends, husband and wife, Franco and Jean, who are both based in Korea.

I love that even though we are nearing winter time in Seoul, we can still find Autumn/Fall in some places. This one is the nearest to subway stop: Jamsil.

Seoul Korea 2017 Seoul Korea 2017

And near their house is this large Lotte World where the tallest building in Seoul stands.

Seoul Korea 2017

I don’t have much to say about what went this day except for I scored some Buy 1 get 1 make up cleansing wipes that I already wrote here. Well, except realizing that I’m really liking Seoul and planning to come back…and because we also realized it’s slightly cheaper compared to Japan.

This day was spent indoors, catching up with friends. I really had a good time listening to all the fun stories, culture comparison, and more. We went to Dongdaemun Plaza again to have our photos taken which I wrote here.

Our last day in Myeongdong was spent packing and doing some last minute shopping. We were able to get last minute pasalubongs (gifts from trip) and enjoyed the rest of our last hours in Korea.


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