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#SEOULdout: Insadong, Bukchon Hanok Village

Insadong gives  off the vibe of young, hip and cultured. Best place to buy art pieces and furniture. But not cheap shopping.

I think if we had more time, we could’ve really inspected each stores on what they sell. They range from art pieces, souvenir items, cutesy stuff, Kpop souvenirs, bags, and all kinds of memorabilia.

Seoul Korea 2017 Seoul Korea 2017
Seoul Korea 2017 Seoul Korea 2017

After lunch, we went to Hanok Village. You will also see a lot of Hanbok rental on almost every corner.

Hanok Village is an actual village that happened to be a tourist spot, which is unfortunate for the actual residents still living there. There are a lot of gates that requests the tourists to avoid making loud noises.
Seoul Korea 2017 Seoul Korea 2017

Actually, Hanok Village reminds me of Kyoto. With it’s small alleys leading up to the elevated area.

Seoul Korea 2017

And of course, I had to have a photo taken standing infront of the gate of one of the houses. I’m glad that they managed to preserve some of the house designs, but if you keep walking around the area, a lot of the houses in the Hanok Village are now modernized to keep up with the changing times.


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