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Finding old love letters

I had an office paper shredder for the meantime and yesterday I made a day out of it. It was so therapeutical watching all my paper works and scratch papers get torn into a thousand pieces, and never coming back. So when I went home, I immediately looked for my old paper works, credit card bills, and all those stuff lying around the house when I came across to this, piled somewhere:


An ex boyfriend wrote this and I love it! Like it was his rules to follow. Or rather an instruction manual. Or a caution for the next guy haha. Take your pick.

I remember how his love letters were in email, or just handed over to me, without “To”or “From”. Cards were huge, he celebrated my birthday for a week, and gets chocolate from the convenience store without me asking for it. To be honest, I think of him fondly.


But we didn’t end in good terms, (there are major reasons we should NOT be together) he blocked me on Facebook but yet stalked me one time in LinkedIn.

So to you, I know.

And just in case you stumble upon this blog, this is to let you know that I kept your old love letters and that I sincerely hope you (and your family) are doing well.

Because I know, we may probably run into each other at some point in the South, and we’d pretend as strangers when once upon a time, under the wee hours of the morning, I asked you if you’d remember me when you’re forty.

You let out a heavy sigh and looked at me.



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