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Baguio was what I needed

Baguio has always been my happy place, with or without boyfriend.  I have fond, good memories in Baguio and as an added bonus, one of my very best friends also live up  there so going there is like visiting family.

I’ve been feeling burned out for quite a while now, until I managed to sneak in a weeklong travel plan this year. But I’ve been itching to go up to Baguio.

I spent the last weekend honoring my work obligations and doing what I want. I was able to cross everything that I want to do while there including:

  • Giving me mini-lecture for social media benchmarking (work-related)
  • Grabbing a drink with the guys at a nearby bar- it was jologs because it was Padi’s point, but what made it fun is I was able to bond and laugh non-stop with my guy colleagues. I ended up always hanging out with the guys wherever I go.
  • Commute and went home to our accommodation on our terms.
  • Had a good sleep.
  • Attending a meeting with my colleagues. (work-related)
  • Break away from the group and spent more than 12 hours with my good friend Faye and her daughter, Cheska.
  • Went thrift shopping in Sesssion road then came back to Faye’s house.
  • Faye cooked a really delicious dinner.
  • Non-stop catch up of one year worth of private stories.
  • Best part: I got drunk with Chardonnay. Conscious drunk, but I lost count after 3 glasses. What is with cold weather and drinking. I drank for two consecutive nights because I am on vacation.
  • Went home at 2 in the morning.
  • Had a good breakfast, hang over-free breakfast.
  • Accompanied Paully with her vegetable shopping.
  • Bonded with my colleagues on our way home.

I am now having some major separation anxiety after this really good trip. I am so glad I got to spend this with the people I like/love.

Baguio is always a good idea.




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