Adulting 101 · Tête-à-tête

Beginner’s self-guide: Some hacks to Adulting

  1. There are perks of being a blacksheep. It gives a certain, incredible amount of freedom because you are not tied up to crave for attention, expectations, and praise.
  2. You will never win against your parents. Either you let them win, or you end up with emotional blackmail.
  3. Your choices has an equivalent. You’re not really getting a better part of the deal, but an equivalent of what might have been.
  4. Exercise does wonders. People are nicer, decisions are better when people feel good about themselves.
  5. You can always start to detach. The best time is now, because it starts immediately. You don’t need to wait for a birthday, or new year to start cutting people and situations off.
  6. Less is really more. In accessories, in make up, in stories to tell, in comments and opinions.
  7. Take chances. Whether it works out or not, at least you got a story to tell.
  8. You can tell much about a person by their own relationship with money. And I’m not even talking how much or how little they have but what they do with it.
  9. Not everyone will get it. Not even you. There is an unlimited source of confusion in life and most questions don’t even have answers.
  10. Having too much choices freezes you. Learn to live with less and you will be surprised how you can get by.
  11. It’s been written before, yes, you CAN have everything.  But just not everything at the same time.
  12. There is magic in delay and things just work out. Sometimes you will be just amazed at how things will just fall right into place without zero effort from you, therefore, [responsibly] let go.
  13. Sometimes in crisis, the best decision is to shut up and wait. You cannot save the world alone, you have to allow things to run it’s course.
  14. Some days you just have to wing it without plan B to get things done and just plow through.
  15. There can never be an adulting handbook. We are up against each other’s generations.



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