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Ten truths I will never tell you

There are some truths that I will never tell you. Not because I am not a good friend, but because there are times in life where the best thing you can do is just to shut the hell up.  For instance, I am upset that you did not believe in me and never gave me a fighting chance. I am upset that I caught you off the hook, lying. With that realization and revelation, therefore I will no longer give an honest opinion.

All these time while I’ve been the most generous of my time. I risked friendship by telling hard core truth just to save you from your mistakes. But since we’re here, these are the truths that I will never tell you:

  • Your higher ups will not always be in favor of you. You cannot represent them well and it is due to your nature.
  • I know you are in denial. I know when I see one.
  • You can cover up all your outburst and drama but I’ve been listening to you for years and it never levelled up.
  • I think you are rushing and desperate.
  • I think you shelled out the most.
  • You’re the only one who’s excited.
  • You will not be able to sew both opposing sides.
  • Your life decision is the start of a new wave of drama.
  • Sometimes, with your scholastic records, I cannot believe dumb you are.
  • You are making a huge life mistake.

Of course, you will never know these things because it will not come from me. I will never tell you that I told you so, because I already know and need no further validation. I will just let the universe slap you with these hard core truths while I sit on the sides, eating popcorn.

Because you know, according to you, these are what friends are for.

P.S.  I cannot wait to look back and read this post to find all of the items here checked. 


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