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Silantro Fil Mex Cantina

I heard/read about Silantro about once or twice in our facebook group chat and never really paid much attention about it. But last Sunday while I was out with my guy friends, we decided to sign ourselves into Silantro’s usual waiting lunch line list and patiently waited it out.

While waiting, I don’t know what to order since it’s my first time. The little menu that they hand you over doesn’t contain photos so I couldn’t decide. My friends are a lot more adventurous when it comes to ordering food in new restaurants.

“You have to try their nachos” Jim said. He’s been to a different Silantro branch before so we ordered one. And it was worth it, I mean, look:

It came with three refillable flavored dips and we finished this immediately.  Next came the chicken, which tastes like a  good buffalo wings sauce. 

Papi ordered the Paella: 

I ordered the burrito even though I am not a fan. It was so huge, tastes good enough but it was too big for me. Plus, I don’t really eat a lot of rice so I wasn’t totally looking forward to finishing this.

Papi also ordered the shrimp skewers, and they were so good. 

And Jim ordered this burger… which turned out to be a disappointment. The patty itself doesn’t taste good, but the side fries is good.


Our bill of three people amounted to Php 1300.00+ inclusive of the Php 100.00+ service charge. They were on soft opening at the time we ate there so they were only accepting cash.

We ended up taking home the Paella and the Burito because we were not able to finish it. We were full the rest of the day that we just had coffee and fries for dinner. I definitely would come back for the chicken and nachos.

*The Silantro that we went to was at Solenad 3, Santa Rosa, Laguna. 


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