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Books: It’s cheaper than therapy

I have a friend who’s very much against self-help books for the reason that she thinks it’s secretly brainwashing.

I disagree. Self-help books helped me with my sanity as I grew up ALONE since I was 20 years old, and navigated my early formative years of adulthood. 

I have invested in these kind of books (except from the right one in the pic above, cos that’s my sister’s). I find myself going back to these books when I needed someone to educate me, inspire me, motivate me, when no one is within a stone throw away from where I am.

I used to unload stories to my trusted friends, but besides the fact that my most trusted ones live so far away, I’ve realized and come to terms that there are cases and phases that I need to face on my own. Never mind if having someone to talk to is very effective in making myself feel better. There are instances in life where you are just left on your own, and then you get too tired to talk about it so you just sleep on it, or wait for the next distraction.

I also came to a point where I wanted to write something, just to get it off my chest, but I would rather write after I’ve dealt with it. But usually by the time it’s done, another lesson comes along, hardly leaving a space for breaks. 

So that’s where my books steps in. I read to keep me sane. I don’t get and care about other people’s opinion about reading self-help books. It helped me get through my challenging times, although I would love to get a therapist. But it’s too expensive for me. 

So my books became my refuge. It helped me then, and it’s helping me now. I know that the university where I work offers mental health care activities, but I just dont’t trust it. Our community is small and people like to talk.  You never know. 


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