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Three day mental break


I went on a long weekend with my friends and instead of the beach, we headed to the lake. And instead of getting a tan, we stayed mostly indoors, binge-watched old 90s movies, cooked, ate chips, then did some 10 swimming laps in the pool in the afternoon and lounged. I was planning to take photos, you know, the old blogger habit in me, but honestly I was very much engrossed in the moment of actually spending time with people that I forgot to take photos for blogging.

I’ve been living in the moment for a while now and investing in making lots of good memories. All of us just lounged and had fun, talked instead of tinkering our phones, took photos just to commemorate the memory, but it was never a show. It was the kind of vacation that really felt like a vacation. Everyone, including our little buddy, three-year old Sean, was in synch with everyone else. It was our very first time to travel out of town together spending 3 days and 2 nights and it was very relaxing.

I only had two beers the entire stay and easily slept at night. It was a good 3 days and 2 nights, and I am very grateful because I really needed that. For a while now (yes, A WHILE) I’ve been feeling really burned out with work and life in general. And it doesn’t help that I have almost unlimited access to the internet where my work is heavily dependent on social media, and we all know how toxic the internet is now. I’m happy I got to take swimming classes for acquiring new skills and as a distraction, but it’s starting to rain now and scheduling my swim practice is getting challenging compared to last summer. I badly needed a vacation and then there were unfortunate events that hindered me, putting my travel plans for this year to a hold as my travel fund went to investment of security measures. Peace of mind came with a price.

I already bailed out with this travel plans but my three generous and understanding friends, Kat, Emi and Louie, gifted me with a mental break. I was so happy I get to take three days break during that time. I went home with a vacation hang over.







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