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Xiao Mi Band 2 + Colorful Watch straps

In January, towards my journey to lose weight, I decided to get a watch with pedometer and heart rate monitor. For the price of Php 1500, it was even a bonus for me that it has a sleep tracker, and you can synch your mobile phone to it and you can see who sent you a text and who’s calling within the bluetooth range. 

Accidentally while swimming, I forgot that I had it on and swam for 2hrs. It happened not only once but twice, and that’s when I knew it is also waterproof, as long as it’s not entirely submerged into the water for long. I thought it is just water resistant, but I didn’t expect it would be THAT resistant, so that’s an added bonus for me.

And maybe because of the water retension also, the sides of the silicone strap that it came with, got a little loose to the point that the mini device pops out. But thank goodness for Lazada (where I got it from), the 10 colorful straps are now on sale from 700+ down to 500+. The actual watch that I got for 1500 is now down to 900+. So good, my sister decided also to get one for herself too! 

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from the colorful straps but it fits so perfectly and the mini device was so snug and comfortable. Such a good deal! I love finding and discovering these kind of amazing deals.

So if you plan on getting a fitness watch, you may want to consider this. Now, since I started swimming as my regular fitness regimen, I just wish it came with a lap counter too.


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