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Enjoying the last leg of Summer 2017

Before the unfortunate incident, earlier that day I was having fun putting my newly acquired swimming skills to practice.

Here are two videos of my swimming remembrance. I don’t usually borrow my sister’s gadgets, but I’m so glad I brought that GoPro with me for two days (with chargers and cords included), otherwise it was also taken away.

Enough about the negativity, there’s no point of looking back.  Here are two videos of me swimming and enjoying the last leg of Summer 2017.

I only learned to properly swim this summer. I swam in this pool for as long as I can remember and it is only now that I can confidently swim and do laps without worrying. Here’s documenting myself jumping into that pool.

Jump! from The Kea Channel on Vimeo.

This is me documenting one of my short swimming laps. I never really thought I’d get the chance to learn how to swim, but this summer the universe conspired to make it happen.

Doing a short lap from The Kea Channel on Vimeo.

Anyway, weather forecasts says that rainy days are about to come soon. I intend to keep swimming as long as the weather allows it. In fact, last Sunday morning, I was able to get back on track. I was not able to swim for 5 days, and when I tried to recover my skilss, the first time I did a swimming length withouht a kick board, I did not make it to 25m. I stopped at 20m, I think and was panting. And I drank dirty pool water. Eww.

Anyway, try and try both in swimming and in life, right?



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