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When your house gets robbed and you see reasons to be grateful



I was having dinner last saturday night with friends when my sister called me telling me that we’ve been robbed!

So I rushed to the house to see all the policemen, neighbors, surrounding our house thinking the robber was left inside because it was locked from the inside.

To make the story short, they ransacked the whole house and took away mostly gadgets and some cash. There are some things that we prayed that they didn’t take with them, so I prayed the novena to Saint Expeditus and it worked again for the second time.

While at the scene, upon entrance I also did not expect to be calm and collected. It was my mother who broke down when it dawned on her that we’ve been robbed. To be honest, I really could not care less about the material things, which surprised me because I tend to be attached to things emotionally. I was just extremely relieved that my family was not hurt. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

The Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) team arrived at 2am to take finger prints and finished at 3am. I learned that the police had to make an estimate of the total worth of damages and had to be at least 200k before they go to inspect your place. We were told that we’re going to have our finger prints taken at 7 or 8 in the morning. We cleaned up and finished until 4am, barely slept, drove at 7 in the morning to the police station only to be told that the finger print officer already went home. And that no one left is in charge.

Welcome to the Philippines.

The next day, my sister and I bought a whole bunch of dead bolts, new knobs, double locks, and new doors. I haven’t even taken a shower, and I was still wearing clothes from the night before. A day later, with the help of friends, we were able to have our doors replaced and locked and we were able to get a CCTV installer/supplier even on a national holiday. By yesterday CCTV is already up and recording. I am grateful that I have a sister who I slay dragons and combat storms with.

I am also grateful that I did not splurge on silly things the past months/year so I was able to shell out for the installation of our home security. It was quite a surprise big chunk from savings after getting our garage fixed last month, but I am not overthinking and complete just trusting the good Lord that He will provide and not let us down. I stand by “The Lord never fails those who put their trust in His unfailing love.” I will not ask why, nor how. I’m just going to hold on to my faith.

When your house gets robbed and you see all your things thrown out and knowing someone had gone through them, it was extremely disturbing. It’s like someone had forced themselves into you and seen your insides. I, for one, have major trust and space issues, that is why this gets to me.

The reason I was able to blog this now is because 1) I have to let it out because writing is my therapy; 2) I’m trying all the best and the means that I can to combat paranoia and move on from this matter; and 3) I am watching our house’s CCTV cameras from my phone as I type this.

Despite all these, we realized a lot of things to be grateful for and managed to be thankful for the friends and family who were there for us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our family and friends specifically, for their concern:

  • Poch, for going with me in a heart beat. When I asked for someone to come with me because I am not sure if I can drive, he did not hesitate and volunteered immediately even though I know he can’t stay and had an early triathlon practice the very next morning.
  • Ninang Ellen and Ninong Rod, our chosen family, who went immediately upon receiving my call. They even came the very next morning with breakfast, thinking we will not have anything to eat.
  • Marco and Kat, who followed on the same night and stayed until 3am til the SOCO left the house.
  • Our neighbors, Tita tita, Tita Lut, Brgy. Tanods, the Brgy Capt, Kuya Ronnie, who came to our house and the other volunteers who rushed to the other side of the street to check for trails.
  • Venus and Bong Benzon (together with the kids) who drove all the way from Grove to check on us on the same night.
  • The Benzon family, who came to our house the very next morning.
  • To my friend Louie, who sent her brother, Ervin to help us get a supplier to have our CCTVs installed immediately. Another special mention to Ervin, who made personal trip to our house to inspect the gadget and the place.
  • Ninang Ellen again for sending their most reliable carpenter to replace our door immediately.
  • My cousin Lahlene, Randy and their family who came and visited us on Sunday evening.
  • Our cousin, Kirby, who came and lived with us while we dealt with the whole ordeal.

You know, in times of distress, you will really learn who your true friends are. I have already seen it when I lost my father in 2012, I am quite surprised to see new bunch of revelations five years later. So to all my friends who have shown concern, who sent me messages via text and facebook, called me, despite the distance, thank you very much. You know who you are. I really appreciate it and I won’t forget.

And speaking of not forgetting, on that same night we were robbed, I saw a familiar face whom my mother needed very much. That person (who talked their other friend into not going to our house to see/check what’s going on) is the same person that I gave a lift to few days earlier, because the Village shuttle already left and she’s already late for work. We learned that she decided not to go to our house because she said there are a lot of people already. I saw her standing literally just 15 steps away from our gate. I was disappointed, because you know, there are mornings when I wake up to the sound their laughter of them having breakfast in our house at so early in the morning, and now she finds it “nakakahiya“(embarrassing) to go to our house at night just because there are a lot of people already. My mother needed friends during that crucial time and apparently she finds it embarrassing to come to our house to check on us.

“Every man is guilty of all the good that he did not do.”- Voltaire

I won’t forget, Tita. I won’t.




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