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What I did this Summer: Learned how to swim

I was intentionally planning to write about this after my swimming lessons. For summer, I crossed off Learn how to swim in my things I’ve always wanted to do list .

This year’s family outing made me realize that I am the only adult who doesn’t know how to swim. Luckily, my friends Emi and Kat were also on board since last year. We’ve made plans to take swimming lessons last year and finally this year we finally made it! We signed up for adult swimming lessons for 10 sessions. From our little group of 3, we’ve recruited other people who are also interested and now we’re a group of 8.

Since we’ve been taking swimming lessons, a lot of people I’ve spoken to showed interest in joining. Maybe they just want someone to be with during swimming. I am grateful to be taking the swimming lessons with people of my same age, because I can only imagine the pressure and awkwardness had I enrolled my self in kids’ class.

Ideally, we were done with all 10 sessions early this week, but due to the bad weather, our swimming classes were moved. I was so happy yesterday that finally, we get to swim on Day 9 of 10 with a good weather.


But on the 9th day, after being idle for 5 days, I swam like crap. I thought I was doing so good, then I swam like shit. I swam diagonally, to the point that one time I actually swam in a circle. I don’t know what happened. I know it must be in my form or something.

Here are my realizations and discoveries:

  • It’s harder to teach adults because we overthink a lot. And in the water.
  • It is possible to still learn how to swim in your thirties…as long as you want it.
  • There is a market for adult swimmers interested to learn how to swim. They just don’t know how and where. The rate and schedule is easy to follow.
  • It is time consuming,  takes a lot of practice and you have to make time for it.
  • You have to use a swimming cap and goggles. You will thank yourself for it.
  • Even experienced swimmers still use a kick board.
  • You can’t swim in an open pool with thunder and lightning.
  • You can’t skip the basics. Proper foundation is the key.
  • Not all students are of the same level. You should not compare to the progress of others. It’s all about competing with yourself.
  • You can’t wear contact lenses even with goggles.
  • You have to hydrate and eat a banana. Otherwise, hello cramps!

I know I swam like crap yesterday but I still want to jump into that pool and challenge myself. Would you believe I was practicing my form in the air earlier while getting dressed, figuring out what happened to my form.

I hope I get to redeem myself today. Expect a lot of swimming stories in the days to come. I feel like I am just getting started and that swimming is therapeutical for me. I like that I have something that I always look forward to. How lucky am I to live in Los Baños, Laguna where the presence of warm, hotspring pools for leisure are always available?




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