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Missing Swimming

I haven’t really wrote about it but I’ve taken swimming classes this month (will write that after our session ends). Yesterday, our swimming class was cancelled just as I was about to change into my swimming attire.

Cancelled swimming class due to thunder and lightning BUT we have a rainbow!

We clearly have no choice but to leave, and ended up eating out instead. I finished almost an entire bowl of my favorite Nacho Fries. Way to go for fitness! *sarcasm*

Today it rained again but by 3pm, the sun came out. It did not show up yesterday so I have a little bit of hope but then, the weather threw me off when I heard the first sign (or sound) of thunder.


Looks like it’s not going away any time soon. We’re only down to our last two sessions and it looks like it’s going to be this way the whole week.

Honestly, I am disappointed that I started googling resorts with covered pool in Los Baños. We live in the land of hot springs and looking for a nearby resort is as easy as grocey shopping. But today, I found myself missing my old gym in Makati where it has an indoor pool. I remember it looked like this:

This is the one in SM Aura branch, the one I went to was in RCBC, Makati.

I’ve wasted that incredibly good membership. I think that was back in 2005 and I remember paying like almost three thousand a month for that membership. I barely used that pool, often just hung out in the sauna to sweat, did a few cardio, and enjoyed showering. I was young, in my silly twenties, and I worked in BPO so catching up on sleep came first.

Anyway, for the past week I’ve been checking  out nearby gyms with electric treadmill. I figured out since I can’t run around the campus in the afternoon for my cardio, I might as well have a contingency plan of running in a gym. I haven’t fully decided yet where to enroll myself out of the three gyms I’ve checked. But I keep thinking about looking for a covered resort within Los Banos. The only thing that’s keeping us from that pool is not the actual rain but the thunder and lightning. I guess, it might be safer in an indoor pool?But where?

I  honestly enjoy swimming. I never thought I would actually say it but I do. I’ve been focusing on cardio exercises this year and since I’ve been taking swimming lessons, I’ve grown to like it. Sure, it scares me still and I can’t tread, my eyes are blurred, I cant swim straight, but I am enjoying it, finally, and I think I want to stick around.


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