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Funny Mother’s Day Story


MY 1ST EVER MOTHER’S DAY GIFT. Every second sunday of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day in the Philippines. While ordering at McDonald’s, the nice cashier assumed I am already a mom and handed me this balloon and greeted me “Happy Mother’s Day!” then asked me what flavor of sundae do I want? I asked “Why?” She said “because it’s Mother’s Day!” So I said, “Ah, Hot Fudge“.

I think my transparent face was a give away, but the young cashier looked taken aback and probably thought she should have asked first if I am a mom, before voluntarily giving away a free balloon and a large hot fudge sundae.

I didn’t bother to correct her. Would I pass up on a FREE balloon and hot fudge sundae? Of course not! Had she told me that there will be a freebie of 1k worth of  food, I might even tell her I’m pregnant! Just kidding.

Growing up, I’ve had stories of single and fabulous aunties getting really offended when mistaken as a mom, or worse as a grandmother. I vowed not to be like that. I told myself should I encounter it in the future, I will find humor in the situation and use it to my full advantage.

I wonder what freebie will I get again next year.

I had a good laugh and posted on instagram and got more likes and reactions than my actual Mother’s day tribute post.



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