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Of Vision Boards and Lists

I’ve been writing about vision boards for years (and in my old blog) and while I still swear that it is true, I still, sometimes, fall off the bandwagon. I was cleaning up my phone in order to save memory when I saw these notes that I wrote almost 2 years ago:

Here’s what I’ve checked off that list:

  • Emcee gigs – Four hosting gig since then (not counting the ones that are not paid)
  • Wedding gigs
  • Lose weight (but I have yet to meet my weight goal)
  • No overthinking – not exactly but I’ve been LESS overthinking
  • Work out more – Been doing my brisk walking to jog, to swim, since January of this year.
  • Eat healthy – I’ve cut down on rice, pork, and beef and ate a lot or mostly vegetables.
  • Quiet time + Meditation – I’ve been reading daily devotionals, weekly candle-lighting prayer at the church, and hiking up to grotto for prayer offering. 
  • Make my first investment fund – I signed up for a salary deduction kind of a savings fund and after three months, I’ve increased my contribution to a hundred percent of my previos contributed amount. 
  • Learn how to swim – I’ve recently enrolled in a swimming class for adults and now I am on Day 6 of 10. I am actually liking it and will enroll for the continuing course. 

The rest I am still working on it.

To keep with tradition, and excitement of getting a new planner each year, I save a space for my vision board in my planners. Here are my planner from the recent years:










What I’ve checked off from those vision boards are:

  1. I’ve traveled to United Kingdom.
  2. I’ve traveled to Bangkok, Thailand.
  3. I attended and presented in a paper conference.
  4. I now eat vegetables.
  5. I’ve continued doing wedding gigs.
  6. I’ve lost weight (but still more to lose, but better than none).
  7. I got myself a new laptop last year that I’ve fully paid.
  8. I now have exercise as part of my lifestyle.
  9. I’ve decreased my BP to a normal level – I just really need to sustain it.
  10. I’ve been strengthening my faith. And still working on it.

Lately I’ve been doing some reflections. People within my proximity are checking milestones after milestones, and while I am sincerely happy for them, sometimes I feel like I am stuck at a phase. I’ve been feeling this every year and I guess it will never end so might as well not fight it.

But it made me think: Maybe I needed to be more impulsive? Maybe I need to travel? I’ve read somewhere that I am one decision away from a totally different life. But what do I want? While I feel so happy about other people’s achievements, I do not want their path.

But lately, I’ve realized that this feeling will NEVER go away. And the best cure I found in my pursuit of happiness is tie it to a personal goal.

So these days I am in between of finishing a swimming course, constructing a house project, while getting some adulting things done. I’ve painted, tried my hand at cooking, and so on. I just wish I could find the consistent time to update this blog and document my musings. I feel better backreading my old concerns and feel kinda proud of where I am, emotionally, now.

Because trust me, we walk in phases.


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