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Hair flat iron and other hair tools shopping

I had my hair cut for a trim and it got a little too short than what I expected. So in order for me to achieve good hair day, I knew I really had to make an effort ironing my hair out almost everyday. I went on to research for a new hair iron to buy and I am very specific with what I want:

  • Portable and Flat Iron that’s not too bulky
  • Comes in a girly color (gold, pink, or purple)
  • Ceramic (I researched about using Titanium VS. Ceramic and most literature advised to use ceramic)
  • Fits my price range of Php 3500 maximum

And classic me, for weeks I researched for a lot of hair irons and read reviews. I can’t go to the nearest mall so I asked my cousin to take photos of hair flat iron should she finds herself in SM Department Store (Thanks Ate Karen!).

Here are the photos she sent me:


According to her, the price range of JML ranges from 1400-3500 while the wElite series ranges from 1900-2900. She said the one that gets the most rave is the JML brand with its warranty feels “as long as forever“.

I wasn’t tempted to buy it even though I’m willing to shell out 3500 for it (as long as our old Vidal Sassoon lasted, which felt like 10 or more years). I was not familiar with the brand and I’ve gotten my share of buying cheap ones only to “Fry” my hair (although they’re not cheap). I was specifically looking for Babyliss, Vidal Sassoon, and Philips at least.

Again after much googling, I went again to the Rustan’s department store to buy a hair iron. I bought our travel Vidal Sassoon Hair Iron there last year and I even got it on sale and in… PINK! Here’s what it looks like:


I got it for a discounted price of Php 1,100.00 but now they sell it for Php 1800.00+.  But I found one that I like and it’s called Philips Selfie Straightener. I read and watched reviews about it and it perfectly fits my budget. I got this for only Php 1,999.00.


After buying it, we found ourselves in S&R, and they also have the hair straightener that I bought: 18110226_10155261967588420_1763842886_o

I also saw a cute pink straightener and blower pack for Php 2995.95 but I already have a blower so no need for that.


Good thing, they have the same price otherwise I’d be slightly upset about it. And when I went home I googled it’s price online and its the same price as well! *happy dance*

I compared its size to our old one (Vidal Sassoon in Gold color) and it’s the same size of our old one but slimmer. Perfect for travel.


I’m pretty pleased with what I bought. I really hope it will last a very long time.

After a few days, I find my self in Divisoria and found these cute travel hair straighteners that sells for less than Php 200. I saw these in an Instagram post of a local beauty blogger.


It’s features and functions are written in Chinese. Cute colors, doesn’t require adapter for use in the Philippines and it’s cheap! And because it’s only 200, I already know that it won’t last long and might be dangerous for my hair. They swore that the plates are ceramic, but who knows? I opened the box only to find a thin ceramic plate on both sides. I’m sure it will take long to straighten my hair.

I will write a review on the Philips Selfie Straightener soon. I also bought a heat protectant spray so I’m pretty excited to use that so I can write about it too.


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