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Faith + Fitness: Day 47 of 47

I forgot to write about the summation of my Faith + Fitness journey of fasting for 47 days. But to sum it all up:

  • I was only able to strictly follow my diet for 30 days.
  • I gave in and ate last Holy week long vacation because since there’s nothing to do, might as well cook the recipes I’ve been googling for a while.
  • I kept up with my fitness routine. I figured out that maybe I should it, because if not, there’ll be nothing for me to burn.
  • I kept the lifestyle. I still don’t eat rice, or if I do, it’s half a cup only and I make sure to have an active activity for the day.

I was going to write about it last week but I’ve been so busy with work. The only thing that I am strictly making time for is my afternoon everyday fitness regime that I refuse to give up, because it makes me manage my stress and boredom levels.

Also, after a few weeks I realized I’ve reached a weight plateau. I am not gaining and losing further weight so my wife’s friend, who happens to be a nurse, told me that I need to intensify my physical activities.

After years of just sticking to brisk walking, I have agreed to Eisen that tomorrow we start with the whole jogging thing. I don’t know how to properly jog, but he’s going to jog with me tomorrow so I hope I will really start jogging, instead of brisk walking.

Wish me luck and let’s see after a few weeks.


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