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Faith + Fitness: Day 22 of 47 – Some backslides


I admit this 47 day challenge that I wrote about this month is not easy. But I am almost halfway through.

First, I miscalculated my fasting days. I am initially just in it for 40 days, then I can now have a bite/taste of what I gave up, but when I checked the calendar, the end of 40 days is the START of the Catholic Holyweek. Hence the extension of seven more days.

It was quite a challenge thinking what to eat. I already figured out my breakfast on most days, but I’m getting quite tired of the chopseuy lunch. I did experiment with sweet potato, chicken and fish and other veggies and now I am on the look out for variations.

It’s hard to eat when you have events. I dabble in the wedding industry and the food that we eat during events are not in my diet. The Filipino staple food is rice and pork and that is exactly what I had given up. So I had to just eat what I can eat, and give the rest to the others.

Surprise feeling of limitation. For some very weird, strange and surprising feeling, I like the feeling of “oops, I can’t have that.”

I think I may be a masochist. I keep saving Tasty Recipes videos on how to make desserts, chocolates, and other recipes. I think it’s my coping mechanism of missing my beloved chocolates.

I did have backslides. My most challenging moment is probably the days leading up to my period. Usually those days I madly crave for chocolate. But I was able to surpass it. What I did though, I just bought non-chocolate flavored sweets like a dessert cracker (but just two packs, haha, I know I could’ve gotten more). I also finished a dark chocolate small cupcake from the wedding, and it was not even sweet (I think the chocolate might be even just a food colouring). I did not even like the taste but I needed it to survive that night. I removed the fondant frosting and Icing. I gave up rice but I have tasted sinukamani (sweetened sticky rice)

I may have eaten a bit (or bits) of chocolate. I had mint chocolate chip ice cream from S&R, and a pistachio flavor during our office meeting. I just stick to my guns of not actually eating a bar of chocolate that I initially swore to give up for fasting.

I have shown progress. From the scale of Obese I, I am now under the category of overweight, hihi. It’s not much, but I don’t want to lose weight so fast that it looks like I have gotten sick (trust me, I’ve seen people). And I have also successfully been briskwalking continuously so I get to burn the stuff that I ate. To date, I have not had spoon of rice, nor eaten a bar of chocolate (even if we got plenty of them in the house), and also no pork nor beef. I have also increased my brisk walking from minimum 30 mins to maximum of 45 mins, now I’m minimum of 45 mins to 1hour. And I love that I get to spend time with “me”.

Oh also, I can now jog uphill and upstairs at the Japanese Garden too!


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