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Watching WICKED in Manila

I managed to score last day tickets of WICKED in Manila shown in The Theatre at Solaire, two weeks before the show ended. We did not get good seats because it was nearing sold out, but then better than none.

It’s my first time in Solaire, and first time at The Theatre at Solaire. We were seated at the Balcony and it wasn’t super bad, I think. I really enjoyed the show eventhough we couldn’t see the faces upclose.

I was able to book our tickets one week before the actual closing show. Good thing they extended another week and I was able to book the second to the last show, which fits perfectly with our schedule since I had activities at work and a wedding gig the very night before.

Photos are not allowed so it’s only up to here that we get to take photo of it. My goodness, where do I even begin?  I really enjoyed the show, especially the part where they sang Defying Gravity! I’m so glad I managed to see it with family (plus the tickets we got were discounted too, as two tickets were at 25% off!)

The only regret that I have is I did not purchase my tickets during the pre-selling period. My friend Marco was telling me to buy tickets, and I thought I have no care for it. Because WICKED was shown in Manila a few years ago and passed up, it was the Phantom of the Opera that I was lusting over but couldn’t fit into our schedule.

Im so glad we got to see this one before the show’s over. Now I’m paying attention to Broadway Musicals going to be held here now. We were supposed to see Lion King in Covent Garden in London back in 2015 but we couldn’t score good seats. The seats available are too high in the balcony, similar with our seats and it costs 80 GBP (That’s 4,975.83 current conversation). It’s really cheaper to watch it here in Manila.


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