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How to make your own lip scrub

I use lipsticks a lot and I’ve been noticing that my lips needs exfoliating, so in order to save my self a few bucks from buying a lip scrub, and also so that I can put other things in the house into good use, I decided to make my own lip scrub.

And it’s so easy. Here are the only ingredients you will need:

Here are the other stuff you will need:

  • A toothpick for stirring
  • A small container to put thr scrub in

Here’s the step by step guide how to make your own lip scrub:

Mix it until the sugar stucks together. Some articles says you can use coconut oil in lieu of honey, But I haven’t tried it out. I think I prefer honey.

Once your scrub is good to go (trust me, you’ll now), rub the scrub against your lips focusing on the areas you think that needs exfoliation. Leave it on for a minute, then rinse. Voila!

After rinsing the lips, put on some lip balm. I used it and it worked perfectly! Best to scrub at least twice a week.


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