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How to catch a drone the wrong way

Two days ago, I caught a drone when I’m not supposed to.

It was during post video shoot and before packing up, I asked my colleague if he can take a pic or video of me from the drone just to see what it was like.

I saw him catch the drone so effortlessly. The stands on the sides were actually handles and I thought it’s just going to land on me like a helipad. Silly, I know.

Anyway, here’s the video proof. I jumped on it, grabbed it by the handle and “walked it”with me. The “wings” were actually pretty loud that I couldn’t hear my colleagues shouting:

“Let it go!”

“Don’t hold it!

“Release the drone”

And when they saw that it’s pointless to shout at me since I couldn’t hear it anyway, they stopped “flying the drone”hence the end of the video.


Catch a drone from The Kea Channel on Vimeo.

I learned later on that it’s supposed to land safely on it’s own because apparently what I did may cause  a potential damage on it’s sensor.

Geeez sorry!!! Who knew? I was just a kid trying to catch the drone like it was a kite or something.


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