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The Missha 4D Mascara Review

My mother went to Korea and as gift from her trip, she bought us mascaras!

Now I did not really tell her what to buy for me, but I figured out she must have thought I still like to have a new one after she got the mascara that I loved from Japan last year. I actually have two unopened mascaras from Loreal and Cover Girl that I have yet to use, but what the heck? They said you’re supposed to change mascaras after 3 months.

But not the thrifty me.

After 5 months, I decided to switch from my old trusty mascara to this new one. So here’s how it did so far:


I love it! I went for a run and was all sweaty and it did not smudge and it was indeed long wearing!

I like that you can buy it in the Philippines at this ALTHEA website. I’ve known the website before but I’ve said, I’m not really a fan of anything Korean. I didn’t even have a list of what to buy for me because I don’t know what to get from there, plus some of the brands there are already found here in the Philippines.


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