The Surprise Valentine’s Day Date

I know it’s March, but I still want to write about this late post.

I usually have #KEAoke parties (KEA hosted Valentine Karaoke parties like those in 2014, 2015 and last year was just an Instagram post). I did not have anything planned out this year as I have been very busy with a Valentine’s gig floral delivery and an upcoming wedding the same week.

I usually get stressed about Valentine’s not because of the non existence of a date but because of people flocking the University grounds causing too much traffic.

This year, the guys from our office decided to surprise us ladies by transforming our under-repair conference room into a sit-down, candle-lit dinner, merienda (afternoon snack).

I’m grateful for my colleagues. You know, we get hit hard and often as we are the frontliners in Public Relations but I really am grateful that I get to work with people that doesn’t make the work feel such a drag. I am truly grateful for this office’s chemistry because I used to have a fun team like this when I was working in a BPO/ call center (we call ourselves Team Martin, headed by our cool Team Leader, named Martin); and now I have it again.

Check out the video below:


I only got to post this now because it’s only now that I remembered how to embed a Facebook video! Haha! (Oh shit, I think it doesn’t embed, but just click it if you want to see it)

Thank you guys and most especially to Paolo (The Dyeypi Aquino, uploader of the video). I know this is his brainchild and his organizig skills and persistence made all the other male members of the team cave in and join the surprise. 


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