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Faith + Fitness: Day 1 of the 47-day challenge

Today is Ash Wednesday in the Philippines, and officially the start of the lenten season.

I don’t really follow holy week traditions, but this time I decided to merge my journey of faith (fasting + sacrifice +offertory) and my diet (No Rice and No Sweets for 47 days). If you know me personally, you know how hard that is for me. I’ve quit smoking (clean for 5 years now) and I’ve never really quit sweets. I must have them at least once a week, most especially during the PMS time.

I already managed to quit rice ( although I eat one whole cup of rice for the entire day on weekends)  and been eating a lot of vegetables now. I just really need to cut on sugar. I’m not diabetic but I don’t want to be. I’ve also stopped drinking colored drinks. It’s all just water for me. When left with no choice, I opt for  a juice drink and consumes only half the glass, the most.

Gosh, 30s and this whole adulthood, health is wealth struggle is real. This 2017 I really am focusing on my health. I’m really taking mine seriously.

Since January I’ve been doing brisk walking/small jog for at least 3 times a week. So far I’ve kept my promise to do it beyond the fads of new years’resolution. I’ve incorporated my physical activity to my “me time/quiet time/praying while walking time” hence I do not bring an ipod while doing my afternoon run. I’ve managed to finally stick to it even though I do not have someone to do the activity with. I’m pushing myself to finally have the discipline.

So I’m officially writing this 47 day challenge in this blog to chronicle my journey to faith and fitness. No, I’m not going to write Day 1 of 47 til Day 47 of 47, maybe I will write on a weekly basis, or maybe when I am on the verge of breakdown due to lack of sweets. I’m not really following a diet plan except that I know what I need to cut back on. I hope it works.

(I’m shy to take a before and after photo)


*This was previously named 40day challenge but I miscalculated the dates where my fasting should end on Easter Sunday.




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