Adulting 101 · Tête-à-tête

February Highlights

I’m trying to write an easy-read post here so let me just sum this month’s highlights up in bulleted form:

  • Met with my wedding clients (February and March couples)
  • Went on a belated Christmas shopping with my family. We always do this because the Christmas shopping for gifts always comes first for relatives and friends.
  • I achieved my financial target goal.
  • Instead of fighting the jejewave during UP’s Feb fair, I managed to stick to my daily brisk walk/jog.
  • We unofficially launched the special by order floral designs, all crafted by my talented sister.


  • My mom went to Korea for a week (it was our belated christmas gift) and got back safely. And got us cute gifts from trip too!
  • We orchestrated a successful wedding of a love story 16 years in the making. I had a hosting blooper (my nightmare came true! Oh if I can only find time to blog about the horror!) but I hope I was able to make up for it.
  • I had dinner with my friends Nina and Jla for our quarterly catch up.
  • Went on a Sunday mall stroll to catch a movie. We don’t usually do it so often. It was one of our relaxed sundays.
  • I nailed my the blog post about Kuya Stew again! (His wife told me that he thought Aprille and I forgot to greet him, only to surprise him with a BANG!)
  • Went once again to Divisoria for some business shopping and sourcing and got myself some cute supplies: Paper tapes and Calligraphy writing stuff.


  • For two months now, I was able to keep my brisk walking habit of at least 3 times a week for 30-45mins each. I converted it to my much needed me-time/alone time/or walking prayer. Maybe I will talk about it some other time.
  • I’m losing weight! Slowly, but surely thank God, because I really have to do it this year.

And speaking of losing weight, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and I made a deal with my sister that for 40 days, I will give up rice and chocolates. I was able to give up smoking (clean for 5 years now) and lessened my red meat consumption, but not chocolate. So, for the spirit of lenten season (and as a private offfer/fasting/sacrifice for my prayers) I’m going to challenge my self to give it up for 40 days straight.

I guess I will have to see my already-opened Toblerone on April 16 ( Easter Sunday).

Wish us luck!


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