Reasons why you’d make a good Dad, Kuya Stew

As the popular rap song goes: “Hey shorty, it’s your birthday!”  Party up cos it’s your last birthday before you become officially a dad. As I have said when I received the news: “I cannot wait to see what a hilarious father you are going to be.” I honestly cannot wait for Jaydee’s stories!

I know you’re getting stressed now by just reading what the rest of my annual birthday post for you, but to make you feel better, here are the ways why I think you’re going to be an awesome dad:

You do your best to set the right expectations.

“Wait til you come to the UK. Your body’s gonna be in shock and your body clock will be a mess while you try to stay awake and adapt to the new environment. You will get shocked with the change of weather and you will finally realize what my body goes through every time I come see you. That’s why I get drunk as soon as I get here (in the Philippines).” (Newsflash: We did not get the bad jetlag you were preparing us for when we arrived in UK, but thanks for the heads up!)

You know how to solve a conflict.

“You better talk among yourselves who took the chocolate.”  

You celebrate other people’s achievements.

“I already congratulated you on your [MS] graduation? I knew you do it. We’ll done cuz you are now officially the second smartest of the Estrellado clan haha! ” (Implying that you are the smartest of us all) 

You educate us about the different cost of living in the UK. 

“Better take a shit here now (Scarborough). Wait til you get to London, it costs five pounds just to take a shit.”

You know how to sympathize.

“I’m sorry to hear about Gucci’s passing (our shih tzu dog) I know you and apes must have been really saddened at his loss. Me too, I’ll miss his strong odour and they way he would try to make love to my leg when we were left alone together. He was a good dog!” 

You teach us your concept of balance.

“She’s pretty but she’s not very smart.” 

You show strong interest in current events.

“Hey cuz, how are you? What’s the gossip? Tell me something I don’t know!” 

You have a unique way of ending a conversation.

“Long live Pacman!” 

And last but not the least, you know how to appreciate! 

“I laughed so much at your blog!! I cant believe you remember so much and quote me so accurately! I remember all those things I said and I stand by them! haha. I’m truly truly honored to have you as my cousin!”  (blog post written back in 2014

I can’t believe this little boy with no trousers is about to become a Dad in a few months!


So to end this post, I would like to leave one of my favorite photos of you and Uncle Dave. I cannot wait til we add one more little stew (or a little Jaydee) in our family tree this year!


Happy happy Birthday Kuya Stew! I hope you’re having a great birthday! XOXO


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