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Annoyed at the sight

Just taking a break to blog. I had a very good conversation last week with my friend Paully. I was talking about this person/s who annoyed me so much that it’s coming to a point that even the sight of that person’s name that lands on my email annoys the F out of me, even though I haven’t read it yet.


She said that I must learn or train my self not to be annoyed because if I don’t, every little petty thing that person does will annoy me.

And it’s true.

I’m coming to the point where just the mere presence of that person, who I see on my peripheries, starts to tick the annoyance in me. With or without conversation. With or without email.

I cannot have this shit. And so I will train my self not to get annoyed. I hope I stay THIS busy so that I will really have no time to get annoyed.

I’m having a very busy January and to be honest, I am not complaining. I do hope to find some time to write and paint and chanel the negative energies I have into something positive.

Trust me, I’m trying. I’m the most trying person I know.



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