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First EDM concert: David Guetta’s Unity Tour 2017

I kicked off the first week of 2017 by defying my Tita tendencies and attending an EDM concert (of all concerts!). After four years, I find myself once again in Araneta all because of my sister’s love for David Guetta:

dg2bposter2baShow says 9pm so we were there already by 8:30pm. We went early even though my sister assured me of “reserved seating”. I was expecting it might be like the last time I went to watch a concert, and I did not like crowds before, I dislike them four times more today.

Front acts were by four DJs: Funk Avy, Tom Taus (Sulit na sulit and he is soooo good!), Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda.

Side story: When this second DJ came up (Tom Taus) I told my sister I like this DJ because may pa-tambol (drums) pa sya! Turns out he was recording and looping his live performance into the show! I didn’t know he was Tom Taus, although I know he is an international DJ. I just recognized his jawline and told my sister, who then went on full hashtag stalking mode and our suspicions were confirmed by Instagram! Hashtag Millenial. Haha.

The third and fourth one was a surprise, because I know they are popular DJs but we weren’t really moved to dance. They all played 1 hour set each, except for Ace and Mars who shared one hour. I thought Ace was the technical guy (sorry po) and when Mars came on stage, he looks slimmer in photos.

At that point, this Tita (me) had to sit down, because I am getting impatient. The show said 9pm, but these front acts were playing til 12midnight!


Yes, I am a concert amateur. And Yes, I am aware of the front acts. Im thinking, if only we had known it’s going to be this long, then we should have gone around the mall’s bookstores twice to look for stuff. After all, we have reserved seats. And I am grateful to my sister that she did not choose the moshpit (that is more expensive for a standing room but nearer to the artist). I was seated from 8:30pm to 12midnight, listening to the EDM songs, thinking I should have brought a snack!

I was actually worried that I might not know his songs, but turned out I knew a lot of them! Not all the words though, but I think it’s because of my sister’s playing of his songs for years.

By the way—I’m not the only one who’s on Tita mode. There were a lot of tita in their early 40s and late 30s in our section and even also near the moshpit. My sister said before we went to the concert, “Oh don’t be fooled by his photo on the poster”. He looks older in person. And he is actually, not grandpa-ish, but a potential candidate. I googled his age and he is turning 50 years old this year.

Anyway, by 12 midnight, David Guetta finally arrived!

img_3198img_3200And I started taking videos at this point so I have less photos to share. By the way, I just used my camera phone to get by. img_3205img_3209img_3210img_3215img_3216img_3218img_3220img_3221img_3223img_3227img_3230img_3233This is the black out one. David asked to turn off the lights and just use our mobile phones. img_3240img_3243

This Tita (me) danced for an hour and half without stopping to sit ha! I actually felt deaf on one ear haha! My goodness! I honestly had such a good time. I just wish it weren’t that late (Tita concerns) because it was a workday and we had to drive back to Laguna right after.

Thank you Apes for the wonderful experience! I’m happy to see you super happy during this concert! 

Some videos I took:

David Guetta Unity Tour 2017 from The Kea Channel on Vimeo.

David Guetta Unity Tour 2017 – Video 2 from The Kea Channel on Vimeo.


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