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Season 4 Struggle is Real

I saw this today on Pinterest and I could not help but let out a mental chuckle:


I used to be the girl with the crazy stories. So crazy that they let me be the last to share in every gathering because my adventures topples theirs. Now I just listen. My stories weren’t really all about adventure. Now it’s more about on-going life lessons and adulthood. Most especially in the love life part. It always goes like:

“No, I’m not dating anyone.” and “No, I don’t like to date.”

Sometimes, I see my self as this old lady with much more adventures in 20s. I guess you really are supposed to be crazy in your 20s. The thirties bracket still feels like a new territory. It’s adulthood. It’s serious business. If I do every careless move and risks that I did in my 20s in this bracket, I’d pay for it in a lifetime. And I’m fully aware of that, that’s why here I am, stuck in Season 4 like what that cartoon above is saying.

Don’t get me started on “only you can write your story“. I know that.

While I watch people and my friends check off milestones after milestones, I feel genuinely happy for them. It’s just that often times, I don’t see it as something cut out for me. I, too, am surprised by me.

Is there anybody else out there who’s wondering the same questions as I am? Do other people really have figured it out? Or we are all just winging it most of the time?



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