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The 2016 Year End Workbook

I stand by what I said about 2016. This is the year of HOPE, because only HOPE will be left. Still I would like to look back and see the positive side of the year, and bracing for the year 2017.


  • I actually had a good first half of the year that I have already written here.
  • Our events and styling business ventured in other projects: 7th Birthday party, 60th Birthday Party, 1st Birthday party, program hosting, pre-ordered customized bouquets, and other little projects in our boutique.
  • I gained new friends and I have a really good composition of work colleagues that coming to work is easy – no matter how stressful events have been.
  • I was able to meet some of my goals for saving up.
  • I have less drama this year. I realized that a big factor of that is that I hung out more with my guy friends this year. I’m very grateful for the company that I keep. You don’t really get a lot of friendships like this.
  • I gained two more gigs before the year ended.
  • I was able to retrieve my expired domain (website for business) and transferred it to the server that I really like and for a cheaper price! I was fearing that I might lose the domain or get it at a hefty price, but I got it for what I am willing to pay for.
  • I’m grateful to God for taking care of my family and I.


  • I have a friend who deceived me, business-wise. I wrote about it here.
  • You really do have certain company for certain things: For the light stuff, for the adulting conversations, for dealing with Single-hood (Singles Support Group), for business, and for traveling.
  • I am my own competition, and it’s always very hard to beat me.
  • You get an equivalent in the life choices you make. It took me a while to realize this. I was whining about dealing with certain adulthood things saying I thought the reason why I chose to be this is so that I don’t have to deal with this, but it turned out that it has an equivalent and you don’t really have much choice in life.
  • Follow your gut. I lent money to a person this year even if I don’t want to because I have a feeling that this person is one of those people who likes to borrow and forget about it. I was guilt-tricked into doing it because the person said it was for a family emergency. A month later, I found out that it was not used for family emergency (like I was told), but to fund a love affair. I had to “beg” to get paid.
  • It’s okay to try. At least I tried and this year has been a year of trying.


  • I lost a project I was I was initially planning on this year. I wrote about it here. But I was gifted with two more, in replacement of the previous one.
  • I did not get promoted. While the person truly deserved it, I was left with the question: What Now? I got over it by channeling my energy to other outside projects and I have now learned to detach emotionally.
  • A friendship of mine got compromised. Although the person is still in our group, I have now learned to deal with it open eyes and less consideration.
  • Sometimes you need to break,in order to build. I lost it at a relative this year. I went off at her for meddling things that are not in her area of responsibility and I really gave it to her. After a few hours, I decided to be the bigger person and apologized for THE WAY I SAID IT (but not for what I said). I felt sorry for making her cry, but the long term effect of this incident paid off: She no longer butts in and meddle as she learned her lesson, and I don’t get annoyed with her presence anymore, resulting better treatment for me. That’s the thing with me, it takes a long while for me to lose it, but when I do, I have very little remorse. Maybe because I do not just base on a few incidents alone.
  • After four years, I finally had my Annual Physical Exam. It scared me for a while but at least this year, I finally braved the courage of facing it and dealing possibility of health concerns. After four years of being perfectly healthy, I now have anxieties. This  2017 is all about taking charge of it.


  • I will take care of myself, health-wise. I really, really need to lose weight. With this I intend to regularly exercise and to kick it off, I bought a weighing scale for home use. So far this holiday, I have not gained a kilo. I have not lost one either.
  • Strengthen my faith in God. I really, really, want to have unwavering faith. I am not religious but I am very spiritual. I value my relationship with God more than the counts of days that I go to mass (only to daydream/people watch/get lost in a daze)
  • I promise to take time off for myself just because. This year I didn’t even get to see my friends in the city (where I usually hide from my reality). I learned the dire need to recharge. I got side tracked with guilt, adulting, and my wallet telling to calm the F down. But this year, I really need to make time for my self because I can feel that sometimes I am becoming a monster.
  • I promise to avoid unnecessary buying. I admit I did a few unnecessary splurge every now and then.
  • I intend to help, cooperate, and save up in support of a family project that we have this year. The good Lord will provide.
  • I promise to say YES to opportunities. Hence the Wing Now, Write Later. I also promise to make time to write. Because I learned and gained very interesting stories this year that I did not get to write.
  • I will worry a lot less. I will try very hard to avoid overthinking (even if its in my DNA) just because God never fails those who trusts Him. I’ve read somewhere that overthinking and worrying is an insult to God because he already has everything planned out. I’ve seen a boss do this- no matter how problematic things and crises get, she seems to give it to God and go to sleep. And YES, it works for her, and her job is not easy!
  • I’m looking forward to travel again with my favorite travel buddies (Paully, Aya, Yeye and Frankie) and also with my sister (Aprille).
  • I intend to continue painting again. I bought a new set of acrylics to get me going. I am planning to gift some very few close friends.
  • I intend to be a better person each year, and each day. It is very, very hard. God knows I’ve been trying all these years. Seriously.

And NEXT YEAR I HOPE (and desperately pray) that 2017 is a better year. Oh dear God.


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