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How I got my Starbucks 2017 Planner in less than 72 hrs

Last Friday, en route to our business trip to Subic, we were stranded at a gas station due to a transportation mishap. We had two hours to kill before we get rescued so one of our Vice Chancellors treated all 20+ of us to Starbucks. When he learned that I want to start collecting stickers for the Starbucks planner on the display, he made sure that (almost) all our drinks would go to my sticker card. To make the story short, I got my planner in less than 72hrs. 

So, I said I would write this lengthy appreciation post to all the deans and directors who were cheering me on (O,ilan na lang ang kulang mo, kea? Mapupuno natin yan!) also to my roommate Vannie who’s not a fan of Starbucks but ordered one, on a separate day, to contribute to my card, and most importantly to Vice Chancellor Rex who treated us all! Maraming Salamat po at masaya ako uuwi na may bagong planner. Grabeng Bayanihan to! What a nice early birthday gift! 

I actually have extra stickers on another card as excess from Sir Rex’s treat. I gave it away to a colleague, because this is what we should do. When someone showed you such generosity and kindness, you have to pass it on.

This the version that I got:

I have the 2016 @starbucksph planner in Moleskine. I’m not so crazy about the design, I just wanted the paper (and for the sake of having a moleskine because it’s so expensive). My sister got it for me even though I already have a planner.

 This year, I’m so glad I did not pass up. I’d say it’s even worth the trouble. Do you know that this time, you can get the card without buying a drink and it automatically has a pre-installed regular sticker? That’s one less frap you have to consume to be able to fill out all 18 stickers! 

Oh by the way, the design inside is so good and well thought of and you get to choose which planner size you prefer, plus they come in two designs too!

P.S. You have to try the new Santa Hat Dark Mocha Frap! I even had mine cream-based and decaf’d and it was still soooo good!  It upstaged my no fail, all-time favorite Peppermint Mocha. 


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