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Cheap Art Supply Alternatives

Recently I’ve made time for Art and had this little painting project of mine each week. I’ve actually been researching on some painting tools like the painting knife and new brush set. If you want to have an idea what it looks like, these are what I am secretly lusting for:

But I found out online that a painting knife costs arounf Php 1,000.00 for one knife and of course a good brush set costs more. I don’t really want to splurge into these painting supplies until I get a good gauge of myself how invested I am in this rekindled hobby.

I just thought that maybe the local hardware store might have something that is similar to this that I can use. I just want to use the knife to transfer paint from the acrylic tub as I tend to mess it quite a lot. I asked my friend Beth to have a look at the local Handy Man Store (hardware store) to see if there’s something with similar functionality (good thing she paints too so she understands) and here’s what she sent me:

Paint scrapers will do! And they come in cheap too, like less than Php 100.00 each.

So when I had the chance to go to Handy Man, I bought a paint scraper for Php 45.00 and even found a brush set for acrylic paint for Php 99.00 only!


Only Php 144.00! 

I love Handy Man! I honestly can’t wait to hit Ace Hardware and True Value and see what cheap alternatives I can buy from them too!



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