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Painting Fail or Painting Flail?

As I jumped into this whole painting thing, I realized I am also learning quite a few things about myself.

Last week, I had a good paint-from-scratch output, that I decided to jump on a new one…on the same day!

I felt so cocky, because, I know it is not the exhibit kind, but not everyone can just whip out their paint brushes and do something decent. But I did.

And I got so cocky thinking, Oh I can do two paintings in a day. And even targeted a harder subject…and to cut it short:

The painting flail

And I know where I went wrong.

First, I lacked planning. I just ran away with it. Yeah sure, I was inspired. But I also was forgetting the fact that I lack practice. And I need to learn and hone my skills. I need to get to know my self as a painter. I cannot just visualize something and assume that my hands will work it out.

I pushed myself. While doing the second one, I am starting to think where it is going because it looks like I no longer know what I am doing. My sister said “You should stop.”, but I didn’t. I just went on and I kept thinking it will turn around, it will work out but it didn’t. I personally think it looks better when it was unfinished:

Ugh. Don’t remind me.

Third, I was forgetting the purpose of my painting. The purpose of why I paint now is to relax my mind because painting is really therapeutic for me. I do not mind staying until 12 midnight just doing strokes and mixing colors.  Also, honestly I was excited to post another painting, I forgot that I was doing it for me and not for the amount of likes and comments that I will be getting.

Fourth, I need to know myself first as an Artist. Sure, I can paint, but what would be my forte? I don’t even have a signature stroke. Well, I do not really have a formal painting education in the first place.

Fifth, I really need practice. I can’t get all cocky on my second piece just because the first one turned out decent on a first try.

This whole painting phase of mine is really humbling.


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