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#MakeTimeForArt Stories: Somewhere in York

Last month I have decided to paint again. So I spent a whole month procrastinating, buying random art supplies whenever I can and contemplating on a subject. Initially I thought of painting on two new canvas tote bag that I bought. But then again, I bought one ready made canvas from the bookstore to jump start my plan to go back to painting.

Why? Because I felt like I needed a creative outlet this year. Sometimes jotting things down don’t feel safe anymore and I wanted something really therapeutic. And it is for me, because after seeing my finished product, I was so excited to do more.

And as I wrote on my instagram:

I woke up at 7 in the morning with questions from my mother: “Is it a project?” “Why did you paint?” “It’s just so unusual of you that’s all”. Then my sister interrupted her: “You don’t need a reason to paint.” (Actually I do have one but I’ll save that for later)It took me a month of just randomly buying art supplies and procrastination, and finally I just told myself to make time for Art. So after more than a decade of not painting, I present to you my version of “somewhere in York”, (Acrylic on canvas). Still rusty, but you have to pardon me because I just jumped ship from make up brushes to actual paint brushes. 

This is the inspiration:


The finished product:


My sister said: You must have a painting theme.

I’m like, whoa?! I just started. The last time I painted was back in high school (more than a decade ago) and it was for a competition. I lost to a friend who really is a very talented painter as well. I just pursued other form of arts such as writing, performance art, make up.

I took inspiration from someone I know who makes time for art. Despite her very busy schedule, she makes an effort to have a creative outlet. And it really did work for me. I felt happier, more accomplished and excited to take on more of it. I wonder why did I put this painting thing on hold for so many years?

As for my theme, I realized my theme will be STORIES. Everything that I will paint will have a story or is something very significant to me. This painting, Somewhere in York, is a photo that I took from my phone when we were still in the UK. I remember riding in the car on our way home to Harrogate and it was the last few days before we go back to the Philippines. I looked out from the car window and marveled at their skies. I am fond of their skies, and I wonder if I can translate that into Art. I always hold a picture of that moment in my mind. It was a moment where I was thinking of my What’s Next? What will I take on next when I come home? Because I just witnessed my cousin earn another milestone, and here I am thinking of regrouping my life plans. I know it’s not nice to compare but sometimes I could not help it. On the bright side, it also gives me kick to re-evaluate my goals and where I am heading.



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