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New discovery around the corner: Holland Tulips Cafe

Holland Tulips? Isn’t that a flower shop based in Manila? I said to myself the moment I read Paully’s Viber message.

Ask anyone who lived around the vicinity of the campus university, one of the most common dilemma is where to eat. So when Paully organized a luncheon together with our friends, saying we’re going to try out this restaurant, Holland Tulips, that I never heard of, I was sold to try it. Anything for something new.

So there in Cordillera street of the Umali Village, in Los Baños, Laguna, we found ourselves in what sort of felt like a hidden treasure. (Because you have to go through some not-often-visited parts in order to get here.)

This is what Holland Tulips look like:

img_2518img_2519img_2513img_2514img_2494img_2495I forgot to ask why it was called Holland Tulips, but to keep with the name and the theme, faux tulips were used as center pieces in every table.

Meanwhile, this is the view from the second floor:img_2496img_2498

Going down from the second floor


Restroom? Check! I love restaurants with nice and clean restrooms


These are what we ordered. Hover over the picture to see what it is.

For the quick review:

  • Price range of food 100-300.
  • Servings are good for sharing.
  • Parking space available.
  • Location of the restaurant is not easily located. You have to go there using your own transportation or ride a tricycle for Php 10.00 per passenger.
  • Make sure you are not in a hurry when dining in. Our orders took 1 hour to make and we were the only customers there.
  • Food Quality: Good. Worth going back to, but not recommended for lunch hour, unless your schedule is flexible.

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