#MakeTimeForArt · Tête-à-tête

What’s my excuse? 

I know of a busy, early thirties, deputy director of a premiere institution in the country. I could not imagine being in her shoes because on top of her demanding job, she has to be on top of her game too. 

Last time I saw her she said she’s learning how to bike. Not the triathlon kind, but just around the village.

Lately I see her sketches online. She must be channeling her stress into Art too. I’m really liking it and thought, maybe I could do the same. 

I have to go back and have an actual creative outlet. I am seeking all kinds of art therapy so little by little, I have started acquiring some art supplies.

I really had forgotten how Art was therapeutic for me. I channeled my stress into writing (until now) but the internet has gotten so ridiculous, that I find it infected with negativity. I cannot censor myself all the time and I cannot hold back my emotions all the time. What’s left for me to do? Draw. Sketch. Paint. 

Hence for the MAKE TIME FOR ART project of mine was born. 


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