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Remedies for Matte Lip Color Problems

One of my favorite Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip shade is also one of my matte lips nightmare.

Since I tried all my newly purchased ones already, I have learned that the light colored ones, although they really show the exact color as it is in the tube, tends to be crack. I have no problem with drying formula, but to crack on the lips?! Aaaacccckkk!! 

Here’s an example (photo taken using iPhone5s):

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How to wear a tricky. certified, cracking matte lip color

  1. Prep the lips – Make sure it’s chip free, or no skin is already chipping off. (Scrub it beforehand, if you must)
  2. Apply a thin layer of clear lip balm. (Mint if you like. The ones I like is the Stick levres tres nourrissant that my sister got for me from Sephora. I’m not sure if it’s available in Sephora.ph. Another good alternative is Lafes lip balm that I got from Healthy Options.)
  3. Smack/Press your lips after application.
  4. Stretch your lips like you are smiling and apply a really thin layer of the Colourpop liquid lipstick. Just one swipe on each side/sections. Do not press your lips.
  5. Let it dry like you would with a wet paint. Do not smack your lips when you’re allowing it to dry.
  6. If the clear lip balm will not do the trick, apply a really, very, thin layer of petroleum jelly then apply the liquid lipstick with a thicker amount.

What if it still cracks?

Forget the matte finish, accept that it cracks. If you do not want your lip color to go to waste:

  1. Apply 50/50. (50% lip balm/moisturizer and 50%matte lipstick). Drop the hope for a matte. There’s always a better one bound to come along.
  2. After the 50/50 application, press your lips together to mix the formula.
  3. It won’t be as matte, but you get to  keep your liquid color.

How to remove a stubborn matte liquid lipstick

After reading tons of tips on the Internet, I found two really effective ways:

  • Petroleum Jelly – Apply a very thick and quite ridiculous amount on the lips and let it stay there for a minute. About 2/3 – Petroleum Jelly. Use a dry tissue (any kind) to wipe the color off.
  • Miscellar water – Colourpop’s Clueless leaves a stubborn hot pink pigment on the lips that it takes a while to remove it. The petroleum jelly initially did not do the trick but the miscellar water removed it in seconds. Use the miscellar water with a cotton and wipe the color off your lips. I use the Biore brand. It’s available in the PH plus it’s affordable. It removes eye make up and waterproof liquid liners and mascara too!
Php 189.00 at Watsons

If you know any other tips on how we can effectively save and prevent the already cracking formula of a matte lipstick, please share it in the comments section below. I really would love to learn new tricks from you.


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