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My curiosity for cheap make up mecca led me to Divisoria

I’m not new to Divisoria (Divi), but I have only been there a few times in a year. Sometimes about once or twice a year. I think there was even a year when I did not go there at all. But if you’re a newbie or you seldom visit the place, here are important pointers:

  1. Dress down and get ready to fight (Chos. But, don’t wear jewelry or expensive things)
  2. Don’t bring too much like you would do in a mall. Sling bag would do. But hold on to it like it’s your dear life.
  3. Bring cash, because all stores operate on cash basis only. Unless if you shop at the Lucky Chinatown mall, which is the actual mall. (Read: expensive prices)
  4. Haggle. Always ask for the lowest/last price. There are plenty of choices! One store always offer at least one peso lower.
  5. If you get stressed when there’s a huge crowd (like me), avoid the payday weekends and Christmas holiday season.

So I tagged along to Divi to visit the cheap make up shopping mecca that Pinay youtube vloggers are raving about. And leave it to my sister, who knows the place like the back of her hand, she took me just right where I wanted to be.

#WhenInDivisoria: Go under dressed and fight ready!

In fairness, they allow you to open the brushes/ brush sets so you can feel the bristles of the brush. No pressure, even if you do not have plans of purchasing.

I enjoyed just looking at different brushes. Look at this Oval brush version. I’m not really interested in buying it. I’m just so amused it looks like a shower nozzle/head.

I really thought, only Kylie Lip kits gets faked/imitated, because 1) It’s really expensive for a lip kit; and 2) It’s over rated.

For fellow beauty junkies, I am sure you have read/heard about Colourpop being the makers of Kylie lipkits as well, and a blogger even wrote about that the same issue. If you need some back reading, here are some of the articles:

Also in Divisoria, we found this FAKE (SG Authentic) Ultra Matte Lippies that they sell for Php 45.00 each. SG Authentic sellers sell these for Php 150-200 each while the actual authentic sellers  (who purchase these matte lipsticks straight from US, sells these for Php 350-450.00. That’s because it costs $6 only in US (excluding shipping).

I took a few stolen shots and compared my authentic colourpop to the ones for sale by bulk. It looks the same but the name of the shade is different. Mine (US authentic) is in the shade called Bad Habit, while it says otherwise. It looks super similar, if not the same. Look:

Yes, I brought one authentic Real Technique brush for comparison with me on that trip and one Colourpop Ultra Matte lipstick for the same reason. These stores sell all kinds of beauty blender dupes, brush sets, liners, powders, etc.

How to tell if your Colourpop Lipsticks are real or not?

  1. SMELL – The fake ones smell like some kind of chemical trying to smell vanilla-ish or something pleasant.  I don’t know what that is, I find it scary. The REAL ones do not have a scent, at all. This is the ultimate giveaway.
  2. PRINT – The fake ones have thicker print (I guess it’s hard to tell if you haven’t seen the authentic one, because I had a hard time telling which is which at first.)
  3. BOX – The fake one has a lighter color while the REAL one has brighter color at the bottom. Another discovery: The box of the real one has flaps, the fake one don’t have it. But when it looks really good, always refer to No.1. Smell it from the wand.


4. CODES – If you have a particular lip shade in mind, research the product code at the bottom first and see if it matches the one you are looking for. I compared my just purchased Bumble at the bazaar with a fake one and it shows different codes and different lip color.

Before I went to the Bazaar, I researched it first. If the seller sells Colourpop and Kylie Lip Kits for Php 150-250 and if they claim it’s SG Authentic, it’s fake. The Authentic Colourpops are priced at $6, while Kylie cosmetics is priced at $29. (You do the math conversion).

They say the Authentic Kylie Lip Kits smell has a signature vanilla scent. I have no way of knowing because I don’t have any (plus it’s too expensive for me). But I have tried to smell the fake ones, and Uurrgghhh! seriously, it smells awful. It haunts the nose! And it differs from one shade to another because the darker the color, the stronger the scent and it smells strongly of who-knows-what chemicals.

Now I’ve been lusting after Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippies for almost a year now and when I finally had the chance to buy one, I grabbed the opportunity to get the best seller ones. Before I know it, we already have seven of them! Good thing I have another make up enthusiast sister to share it with. I will write about my Colourpop review on my next post.






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