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How to clean your make up brushes using the Brush Egg

Ever had those things that you have no idea what it is about but when you see it, you just know how to use it? The Brush egg is one of those.

I saw it online when I was planning to order in Amazon.co.uk again, but I changed my mind because it may not be delivered just in time before my mother leaves UK for the Philippines. Good thing my sister went to Manila weeks ago and I asked her that if she sees any shop that sells make up brushes, make up, etc, can she look for a “make up brush cleaner in the shape of Cafe France’s Madeleines, but made in a silicone, colorful material with ridges on the opposite side.”

I did not know that it was called a Brush Egg. And I just assumed that it is a make up brush cleaner.


So imagine my happiness when she saw exactly what I was looking for:

Since I was planning to clean some of my everyday brushes now, why not make a blog post about it?

First, I learned that you have to use a mild liquid cleanser or in this case, a top-to-toe baby wash.

Pour a small amount of the liquid cleaner on the ridges of the Brush egg.
Place the brush under running water for it to be damp and gently rub the brush against the ridges to clean it.


Before I discovered the brush egg, I used to pour the soap on my palm and rub the brush against it. It used to hurt too and it makes my hand rough and dry since I clean sets of make up brushes.

Here’s a short video of how it’s done. (And I can’t believe it’s been around for years already and only learned about it now).

And I flat lay under poor lighting and styling. (Sorry, wasn’t really planning to blog this now but what the heck?)

Make up shops and Bazaars in the Philippines sells the Brush Egg for Php 100-150.00 (plus shipping if online). I got both of my brush eggs at 100 pesos each.


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